From Director’s Desk

It gives me great pleasure to see G. B. L. Convent School, Faridabad settle down well within just 11 years of its inception. It gives me immense pride to see my students growing intellectually, physically, culturally, aesthetically and spiritually. The achievements of our students are not only in terms of their lessons acquired here, but also of how they are being able to apply them in the social scenario.
As we aspire to mold holistically healthy children, we have ensured that our school curriculum is enriched with value-based education. But being in the field of education, it is of paramount importance that we are at par with the latest and the best of educational practices, be it various curricula or the boards, in order to transform our students into world players.
I believe that every child entrusted in our care has multiple sparks hidden in him/her. It is our conscious effort to nurture each one of them to achieve their potentials beyond conventional academics success. We aim to positively influence the lives of these young ones so profoundly that they will never forget the experience of being a student at G. B. L. Convent School. To actualize this vision for the quintessential transformation of our children, I expect the parents to play a provocative role and strengthen the educational endeavors of the school. Hence, to ensure greater learning outcomes from our students, the school has introduced innovative interventions in classroom processes, progressive teacher training programs, additional coaching to students in need and a platform for constant parent interaction and workshops.
I want all the parents to be convinced that at G. B. L. Convent School, we believe that education should be fun and at the same breath must prepare a student to continuously excel in the field chosen. Hence, we not only educate every child, but we educate every child well for a highly sustainable future.

Ms. Meenu Chugh

Director, G.B.L Convent School